" [For my students with disabilities] Tracking data is one of the hardest parts of my jobs...

...Anecdotal notes by hand, printed smart phone pictures of work samples and progress graphs, all stored in a student's binder in a classroom file cabinet. Add in emails between the teaching staff & dropbox files...ahhh"

That's a quote from a Special Education Teacher before she started using LiftEd - and it's something we hear often.

Tracking & reporting academic or behavioral progress for students with disabilities is tremendously time consuming.

It takes precious minutes away from what educators and practicioners love...teaching.

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Mobile Special Education Management

Measure performance on personalized learning goals

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Manage many students at once

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Review & share progress instantly

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Track behaviors & provide interventions

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Capture therapy notes or classroom accommodations/modifications (Inclusion settings)

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Remove the guesswork in assessing progress

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"...the time I have been spending on preparing data sheets and organizing student paperwork is being replaced by an iPad and and a few taps!”

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For Special Education teachers, paraprofessionals, speech & occupational therapists, and behavior analysts:

Are you spending countless hours tracking, analyzing, and reporting learners academic & behavioral progress ?

Is collaboration with other educators or case team members challenging ?

Is sharing progress with parents, case managers, or school leaders cumbersome ?

Do you want to accelerate outcomes for learners ?

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For Special Education leaders and case managers:

Do you lack a single, centralized system where all of your learners' progress data lives ?

Is it near impossible to see at a glance how your case or aggregate population of learners with disabilities are performing...at any time ?

Do you want to share progress updates with parents pro-actively and efficiently ?

Is it challenging to ensure all of your learners are making or exceeding adequate yearly progress ?

IEP & 504 Plan Goal Alignment

Align a learner's learning goals to individualized academic or behavioral programs. Keep track of progress towards desired goal mastery percentage easily.

Real-time Progress

Take action using insightful analytics about learner's real-time performance - modify teaching methods when it matters most.

Data Collection Programs

Create and modify individualized teaching programs directly in just a few iPad taps.

Data Visualizations

Produce beautiful data visualizations to quickly sythesize and share learner's progress with parents, case managers, and school leaders.

Anywhere, anytime

Access learner's data remotely to remain in the know, and guide instruction even in your absence.

Collaboration & Sharing

Collaborate with educators, practicioners and case managers all in one place. Share progress updates with parents and school leaders easier & faster.

Partner with LiftEd

We partner with school districts and school sites of all types and sizes, in addition to therapy centers and in-home service providers.

LiftEd is designed to support data collection needs in a variety of settings including:
  • • Inclusion (e.g. co-taught or general education with aide support)
  • • Self-contained (e.g. Intensive 1-on-1 teaching, early intervention)
  • • Push-in & Pull-out (1-on-1 or small group)
  • • Community and Vocational/Job training settings

For Special Education Professionals built by Special & General Education teachers, behavior analysts, and best-in-class technologists

A team from:

columbia teachers college
berkeley haas school of business
deloitte consulting
university of the gambia
university of texas at austin

Plans & Pricing

Professional Development

Price varies with district needs, includes:

  • • 1 Full-Day in-person training aligned to your PD schedule
  • • Initial Student Data import/setup
  • • On-going web-based training opportunities
  • • Online educator community

We partner with school districts, school buildings, and therapy centers:


Starts at $40/yr. per student

Ideal for Co-taught or Inclusion settings:

  • • Special Education teachers
  • • Resource Specialists
  • • Inclusion support staff


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Comprehensive Special Education service models:

  • • Special Education teachers
  • • Related Service staff
  • • Inclusion support staff
  • • Behaviorists
  • • SPED Administrators


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Completely customized professional development to enhance your IEP/504 plan/Other goal instructional, data collection and reporting practices across settings & staff

  • • LiftEd access for all Special Education staff